BRT Express

Fast and frequent service within the Stockton Metropolitan Area (SMA)

Photo of passengers loading a electric BRT express bus at the Downtown Transit Center

RTD launched its first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Express Corridor in 2007, which has experienced extraordinary growth in ridership. Since then, RTD has launched four more BRT routes to accommodate our customers’ demand for this high-quality service throughout the system, with Midtown Corridor and MLK Corridor in 2018 as the most recent additions.  Over six miles each, these BRT Express routes are key corridors and critical components to building a better transportation system for the city of Stockton.

What is BRT Express?

BRT Express, a high-quality Bus Rapid Transit service, operates with fewer stops, off-board fare collection, and more frequent trips than regular bus service to make it fast, reliable, and convenient. To meet the demand for its most popular service, RTD also employs higher-capacity hybrid articulated buses.
  • Hybrid and all-electric buses
  • Frequent service with limited stops
  • Improved shelters and boarding areas for passenger comfort and convenience
  • Pre-paid fares from Fare Vending Machines for faster passenger boarding
  • Seamless BRT Express connections at all RTD major transfer locations


Fixed-route service within the Stockton Metropolitan Area (SMA)

RTD Electric Local Bus

RTD Local serves the Stockton Metropolitan Area, connecting RTD’s Express, Intercity, Hopper, and Commuter services. Local routes serve the Downtown Transit Center (DTC), Mall Transfer Station (MTS), and Hammer Transfer Station (HTS).


Hop on to connect… throughout Stockton and beyond

Photo of Hopper buses at the DTC

Metro Hopper

County Hopper

Metro Hopper is a deviated fixed-route service serving popular destinations throughout the Stockton city limits. With seven routes that operate Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., buses run approximately every hour.
In order to accommodate ADA-certified passengers who are not able to reach fixed-route stops, each Hopper can deviate from its normal route a distance of up to one mile. The service covers approximately 75% of the Stockton Metro Area for ADA-certified customers with the one-mile deviation. Reservations are required.*

County Hopper is a deviated fixed-route service serving San Joaquin County and providing intercity connections between Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, and Lathrop. With 5 weekday routes that operate from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., approximately every 2 hours, and 2 weekend routes that operate from 8:40 a.m. to 5:13 p.m., approximately every 1 – 2 hours.
In order to accommodate passengers who are not able to reach their destinations within a rural area, each County Hopper can deviate from its normal route a distance of up to one mile. Reservations are required.*
  • Note: Hoppers do not deviate in Lodi and Tracy. Use GrapeLine or Tracer services instead.

*Reservations are required two days in advanced for all Hopper deviations. Hoppers will deviate up to two times per trip. Please call (209) 943-1111 and follow the prompt for Access San Joaquin then Dial-A-Ride certification or deviation reservations


Connecting Stockton to Lodi

County Hopper Route 93 connects Stockton to Lodi using Hopper vehicles and connects with Lodi Grapeline, Amtrak, Delta Breeze, and SCT/Link buses at the Lodi Transit Station.


Connecting San Joaquin County to Sacramento and Dublin BART

RTD Commuter Bus

Purchasing Passes

One-way fare is $7.

Purchasing Commuter bus passes are done easily and conveniently on your mobile device by downloading the Mobile2Go App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
RTD Mobile2Go logo
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
Purchase directly from the coach operator (exact change only). Please keep your belongings off the seat next to you so that others may sit down. One seat allowed per fare. Please store luggage under your seat or on your lap and not on the seat next to you. RTD is not responsible for stolen, lost, or damaged personal items. Storage space under seat measure 14” wide, 18” deep, 12” high. For additional information, please call (888) 802-WORK (9675).

Park and Ride

Park and Ride lots are free parking facilities for commuters to park their cars and connect with RTD’s San Joaquin Commuter. RTD’s Commuter buses depart for Sacramento and the Bay Area from several Park and Ride locations around San Joaquin County. View Park and Ride locations here.

Code of Conduct

Click here to view the Code of Conduct for Commuter service.

Van Go!

On-demand rideshare service allowing rural communities to travel seamlessly throughout the County

Photo of a Van Go! vehicle with self-portrait Van Gogh design

What’s new?

  • New service time
  • New fare structure
  • New service area (no more zones!)

What stays the same?

Van Go! is still a rideshare service provided in vehicles that are safe and accessible (can transport wheelchairs). Drivers are professionally trained and ready to help.
Note: Vehicles cannot transport bicycles.

How does it work?

You can take Van Go! trips as long as the origin or destination of the trip is within an eligible rural or unincorporated area of San Joaquin County, as shaded in the color burgundy (dark red) below.

Photo of Van Go! service map. For more details on where you can and cannot go, please go to the next section

Eligible Trips 
  • Lockeford to Stockton
  • Any city (in burgundy) to any city (in burgundy)
Ineligible Trips
  • Lodi to Stockton
  • Stockton to Stockton 
  • Any city (in gray) to any city (in gray)

How do I know if a location is outside a city boundary?

Click on a city below to view a list of streets defining the north, east, south, and west boundaries.
Lodi Boundaries
North of:
  • Riverwood Drive
  • River Meadows Drive
  • Riverside Drive
  • Cypress Run
  • Woodbridge Road
  • Edgewood Drive
  • Turner Road
East of:
  • Nearest Street to service Boundary Guild Ave and Wells Lane
South of:
  • Harney Lane, including the Extension Road and court
West of:
  • Lower Sacramento Road and Westgate, West Irrigation Canal to Windwood Drive, Rivermist Road
Manteca Boundaries
North of:
  • River Birch Street
  • Arbor Brook Drive
  • Shady Pines Street
  • Birch Run Way
  • Freedom Point Way
  • W Lathrop Road
  • Northland Road
  • West Colony Road
  • River Road,
  • Boesch Drive
  • Helen Drive
  • Nancy Drive
East of:
  • Austin Road
  • Ripon Road
  • Murphy Road
  • Markham Way
  • Pillsbury Road
  • Clarendone Avenue
South of:
  • Fairway Oaks Drive
  • Spring Creek Drive
  • Reynolds Avenue
  • Doak Boulevard
  • Augusta Pointe Drive
  • Callaway Circle
  • Ruess Road
  • Highland Drive
  • Riverview Circle
  • Woodward Avenue
  • Mono Street
  • Sawtooth Street
  • Franklin Street
  • Ash Renee Street
West of:
  • South Mohler Road
  • Jacktone Road
  • Manteca Road
  • Airport Way
North of:
  • Santos Avenue
  • West Colony Road
  • West River Road
  • Glendenin Parkway
  • East Boesch Drive
  • Helen Drive
  • East Milgeo Avenue
East of:
South of:
  • Riverview Circle
  • Ruess Road
  • Doak Boulevard
West of:
  • Mohler Road
  • JackTone Road
North of:
  • Eight Mile Road
East of:
  • Chantel Lane
  • Fernwood Avenue
  • Alhambra Avenue
  • Hildreth Lane
  • Oneto Road
  • Solari Ranch Road
  • Cherryland Road
  • Budiselich Road
  • Wilmarth Road
  • White Lane
  • Baldwin Lane
  • Cardinal Avenue
  • Walker Lane
  • Station Drive
  • Mariposa Road
  • Hwy 99
South of:
  • Cherokee Road
  • Freemont Street
  • Main Street
  • Farmington Road
  • Carpentar Road
  • Arch Airport Road/French Camp Road
West of:
  • Jetty Drive
  • Mist Trail Drive
  • Stern Place
  • San Joaquin River Levee Road
  • Burns Cuttoff Road
  • Brookside Road
  • Embarcadero Drive
  • Five Mile Drive
  • Fort Donelson Drive
  • Hatchers Circle
  • Lighthouse Drive
  • Mariners Drive
  • Twin Brooks, Lane
  • Deep Water Lane
  • Regatta Lane
North of:
  • Grant Line Road
  • Tulloch Drive
  • Biarrtiz Street
  • Auto Plaza Drive
  • Larch Road
  • Van Sosten Road
East of:
  • Holly Drive
  • MacArthur Drive
  • Brandon Dewey Lane
  • Chrisman Road
  • Grunauer Road
South of:
  • Linne Road
  • Rancho Ramon Drive
  • Tsirelas Drive
  • Los Padres Drive
West of:
  • Lammers Road
  • Bryon Road
  • Power Road
How to Book a Trip?
To Book a Trip use the RTD Van Go! app on your smartphone. View the Van Go! How To brochure for a guide to using the app. Pay with Credit/Debit through the app or pay cash to the driver when they pick you up. We recommend booking your trip 48 hours in advance; however, you can book your trip on the same day.

Van Go! App

Click here to download the Van Go! app on the Apple App Store Click here to download the Van Go! app on the Google Play Store

Service Hours

Seven days a week, including holidays!
8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


First 5-miles (one-way trip)
After 5 miles
$4.00 per person
$0.50 per mile per person
Fares subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

RTD’s on-demand rideshare service throughout San Joaquin County.
You must be at least 18 to book and 13 to ride unaccompanied.
No, all trips require you to make a reservation in advance.
When booking through the app, you have the option to pay with a credit/debit card or you can pay with cash or present a pre-purchased pass when boarding.
Yes, however, each person will need to pay their own fare—no splitting fares.
Although you can book your trip on the same day, we recommend planning ahead so you may book up to 48 hours in advance.
When booking your trip, select “Arrive By” and enter the time you want to arrive at your appointment. The app will schedule an estimated time window for your pick up. Please note pick-up windows may change depending on traffic conditions and availability. We advised passengers plan to be at their pick-up location at least five minutes ahead of the scheduled pick-up window so they can be ready to board.
Pick-up windows may change depending on traffic conditions and availability. The time window you receive is an estimate and based on availability.
A rideshare service means sometimes others will get on and off while your trip is still in session.


Paratransit services for ADA-certified passengers

Dial-A-Ride customers being assisted off a certified vehicle.

RTD offers offers Paratransit Dial-A-Ride for those who qualify under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This program is specifically designed for those individuals who due to their disability, are functionally unable to use fixed-route services in San Joaquin County.
This service is available seven days a week by appointment only during SMA service hours and within three-quarters of a mile of SMA fixed routes. Persons interested in this service must obtain certification under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) through an application process.
Please note: Service hours vary by area. Please call (209) 943-1111 for more information.

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
5:40 a.m. – 9:55 p.m.

Weekend/Holiday Service
8:00 a.m. – 7:04 p.m.

Please check bus schedules for up-to-date hours of operation.

Reservation Phone Hours:

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. daily


$3.00 one-way
Click Here to Purchase Online
Click Here to Purchase Passes Online


Reservations for Dial-A-Ride must be made one to two days in advance. To schedule a ride or check your ride status, please call (209) 943-1111, option 2, option 2.

Arrival & Departure

RTD provides curb-to-curb service. Each passenger is given five minutes to board the bus once the driver arrives. Due to the special requirements of the service, passengers may be picked up any time between their scheduled time and up to 30 minutes after.


A Dial-A-Ride passenger who qualifies for an attendant may be escorted by one. When making your reservation, please notify the reservationist if you will be accompanied by an attendant. Attendants ride free. You may also schedule a companion to ride with you (subject to seating availability); companions must pay the regular fare.


Cancellations may be made any day prior to your scheduled ride by calling (209) 943-1111, option 2, option 2. Same-day cancellations require at least a two-hour notice. Please make sure to call before the two hours so that the reservation agent has enough time to enter the cancellation into the system, otherwise it will be considered a no-show.


Passengers who fail to board the bus within five minutes of the bus arrival during the pick-up window are considered no-shows. Passengers with excessive no-shows may be temporarily suspended from service.

Dial-A-Ride Guidelines

For your safety and to comply with all applicable laws, all passengers must allow restraining devices to be used to secure wheelchairs at all times. Drivers will assist wheelchair passengers as needed. Passengers may carry packages on board; however, the amount is limited to what passengers or attendants can carry in their hands or on their mobility aids.
For more information call (209) 943-1111.