Ride Your Bike, Ride San Joaquin RTD

RTD passengers have a convenient way to get around town and help the environment at the same time. You can load your bike on easy-to-use bike racks on RTD Metro and Intercity buses, and in the cargo area under Interregional buses. This form of multi-modal transportation makes it easier for you to get to your bus stop and your final destination.

It’s easy and free.

Simple instructions are posted directly on the racks, mounted on the front of the bus. You can load or unload your bike in less than 30 seconds. Two bikes can be held at once and are kept in place by a spring-loaded clamp. The racks hold most wheel bikes. Each bike can be loaded and unloaded independently. The bikes in the rack do not touch each other, the bus or other vehicles.

Best of all, there is no extra charge for using the bike rack. Just pay your regular fare.

Loading your bike:

1Prepare your bike for loading.

As the bus approaches, remove water bottles, pumps and other loose items that might fall off during transit. Notify the driver that you will be loading your bicycle.
Proceed to load your bicycle on the front of the bus after the driver indicates that it is safe to do so. Instructions are posted directly on the rack.

2Always load and unload your bicycle from the curb side or directly in front of the bus–never from the street side.

This is for your safety and that of others around you.

3Pull down to release the folded bike rack.

If there are no bikes already on the rack, you will need to lower the rack to use it. Use one hand to pull the handle release to unfold the rack while holding your bike upright with the other hand. Please refrain from leaning your bike against the bus.

4Lift the bike onto the rack.

Secure the wheels into the appropriate slots. Each slot is labeled for front and rear wheels.

5Load your bike in the outside slot first.

This is for safe bus operations.

6Raise and release the support arm over the front tire.

Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire and not on the fender or frame. Your bike is now securely latched on the rack.

7Board the bus.

Pay your regular bus fare and take a seat, preferably within view of your bicycle.

Unloading your bike:

1As the bus approaches your stop, inform the driver that you will be unloading your bicycle.

Exit the front door of the bus and unload your bike form the curbside. Raise the support arm off of the tire.
Move the arm off of the bike tire and secure it.

2Lift your bike out of the rack.

Please fold the bike rack if there is no other bike.

3Step away from the bus with your bike.

Do not attempt to cross the street in front of or behind the bus. Wait until the bus pulls away before crossing the street.


Bike racks are provided as a convenience to bus riders. RTD is not responsible for personal injury, property damage or loss from use of this equipment. Use at your own risk.

RTD is not responsible for accidents caused by a third party. In the event of such an accident, all liability claims should be directed to the third party.

Bike racks are first-come first-served basis.