Downtown Transit Center (DTC)

DTC Customer Service Center

The DTC, located at 421 E. Weber Avenue, is Stockton’s downtown public transit hub. Nearly all RTD routes connect at the DTC, with 20 sheltered, off-street bus stops on two passenger boarding platforms, and additional stops on Channel Street and Weber Avenue.

At the on-site customer service center (open Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.), customers can get system maps and schedules, purchase fares, and make customer comments. The DTC Customer Service Center staff is available to assist you with trip planning, lost and found, and general information.


Located in downtown Stockton at 421 E. Weber Avenue on the block bordered by Weber Avenue, California, Channel, and Sutter Streets.


  • The DTC is the transfer point for nearly all of RTD’s routes, and serves as the regional public transit hub for residents of Stockton and San Joaquin County going to work, school, appointments, or recreation. By improving transit access to downtown businesses and government agencies, the DTC also provides a catalyst for downtown redevelopment activity.
  • The DTC building’s front elevation combines the facades from three turn-of-the-century buildings on the west (the ‘Hart & Thrift’ and ‘Bower’ Buildings) and east (the ‘Delta’ Building) ends of the building. The center elevation and all of the building behind the facades is new construction.

Passenger Boarding Platform Features

Passenger Boarding Area

  • Two Passenger Boarding Platforms serving four Bus Lanes (“A”, “B”, “C”, and “D”).
  • Passenger boarding platforms has stops for 20 buses.
  • Passengers can board, deboard, and transfer between buses on the platforms, similar to a train station.
  • Canopies cover the full length of the platforms.


  • Lights:
    • Overhead lights (above canopies)
    • Platform lights (under canopies)
  • Security: on-site security personnel and patrols by RTD-contracted Stockton Police officers

DTC Building Features

DTC Building Ground Floor

  • Passenger Concourse: lobby area with public restrooms for passengers
  • RTD Information Center: on-site information staff, fare purchasing, and route arrival and departure displays
  • Police Satellite Station: for RTD’s contracted Stockton Police Officers
  • RTD Boardroom (available for public meetings) and some RTD offices
  • Retail: 2,100 square foot retail space on east end of building

DTC Building Second Floor

RTD offices occupy the second floor