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Rider Alert – May 27, 2020


ROUTE 745 EFFECTIVE FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2020 Due to road construction on Alpine Avenue, the bus stop at Alpine/Franklin (Southbound) will not be accessible. Please expect traffic delays. Please use the following bus stop: · Alpine/Mission (Southbound) RUTA 745 EFECTIVO VIERNES 29 DE MAYO DE 2020 Debido a construcción en Alpine Avenue, la parada de autobús en Alpine / Franklin (viajando hacia sur) no será accesible. Se esperan demoras en el tráfico. Utilice la siguiente parada de autobús en: · Alpine / Mission (viajando hacia sur)

Rider Alert – May 27, 20202020-05-31T22:15:08-07:00

San Joaquin RTD Reserves Seat for Rosa Parks on her 105th Birthday


It was more than six decades ago that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man in Montgomery, Alabama on Dec. 1, 1955. Today, Parks would’ve turned 105 years old. To honor the civil rights activist, San Joaquin Regional Transit reserved a seat for her in the front of more than 100 busses with a picture of Parks, and a quote that says, “My only concern was to get home after a hard day’s work.” “I looked at that sign, and for a moment, I paused. It made a difference in my life today,” [...]

San Joaquin RTD Reserves Seat for Rosa Parks on her 105th Birthday2020-04-08T20:05:35-07:00

San Joaquin RTD Receives APTA AdWheel Award


San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) has received an AdWheels award from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) for its social media story-telling campaign, “RTD Stories.” Customer Engagement Analyst Kelvin Cao conceived, developed, and executed the campaign. “I was engaged and fascinated by the study of mass communication dynamics and its influence with audiences across digital media.  I honed in on the idea that successful social media engagement requires an emotional and interpersonal connection between individuals.  I saw the opportunity to develop a social media campaign focusing on effective storytelling of customers and their genuine stories called #RTDStories.”  This strategy [...]

San Joaquin RTD Receives APTA AdWheel Award2020-04-08T19:49:44-07:00

Rider Alert – March 17, 2020


Due to the temporary closure of the Lawrence Livermore Lab, RTD will suspend Route 152 service until further notice. We will be prepared to resume service as soon as needed.

Rider Alert – March 17, 20202020-04-09T22:03:45-07:00

Rider Alert – March 16, 2020


EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020 Greyhound ticketing services will now be available at the Downtown Transit Center Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Rider Alert – March 16, 20202020-04-09T21:58:36-07:00

Rider Alert – March 14, 2020


ROUTES 340, 360, 380, and 390 TEMPORARY SUSPENSION EFFECTIVE MONDAY, MARCH 16, 2020 In response to the San Joaquin County Office of Education’s recent announcement of temporary school closure for all schools within the County, RTD will suspend the service of its 340, 360, 380, and 390 routes. All other routes will continue to operate their regular schedule despite the temporary suspension of the school routes. Schools are anticipated to reopen on April 6 and RTD will be prepared to reinstate the suspended service at that time or when it is needed, depending on the circumstance. RUTAS 340, 360, [...]

Rider Alert – March 14, 20202020-04-09T23:07:42-07:00

Rider Alert – March 3, 2020


ROUTE 5 AND 520 EFFECTIVE TUESDAY, MARCH 3, 2020 TO FRIDAY, MARCH 6, 2020 Due to construction on California Street, the RTD bus stop at California/Vine (Northbound) will not be available. Please board and deboard at the following locations: California Street & Walnut Street (Northbound) California Street & Magnolia Street (Northbound) RUTA 5 y 520 EFECTIVO MARTES, 3 DE MARZO DEL 2020 HASTA EL VIERNES, 6 DE MARZO DE 2020 TODO EL DIA (APROXIMADAMENTE) Debido a la construcción en la calle California, la parada de autobús de RTD en California/Vine (Norte) no estará disponible. Por favor, de usar las [...]

Rider Alert – March 3, 20202020-04-09T23:10:35-07:00

Rider Alert – February 24, 2020



Rider Alert – February 24, 20202020-04-09T23:02:07-07:00

Rider Alert – February 20, 2020


ROUTES 49 AND 44 EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2020 ALL DAY (APPROXIMATELY) Due to construction at the Union Transfer Station (UTS), the RTD bus stop for Route 49 (Westbound) and Route 44 (Northbound) will not be available. Please board and deboard at the platform closer to the railroad tracks for Route 49 (Westbound) and on Union Street (closest to the second platform) for Route 44 (Northbound). RUTA 49 y 44 EFECTIVO JUEVES, 20 DE FEBRERO DEL 2020 TODO EL DIA (APROXIMADAMENTE) Debido a la construcción en la Union Transfer Station (UTS), la parada de autobús de RTD de la [...]

Rider Alert – February 20, 20202020-04-09T23:13:21-07:00

Rider Alert – February 05, 2020


ROUTES 3 AND 23 EFFECTIVE THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 06, 2020 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. (APPROXIMATELY) Due to construction on West Lane, the RTD bus stop at West Lane & Hammer Lane (Northbound) will not be available.Please board and deboard at the location on the map. AVISO RIDER Febrero 5, 2020 RUTAS 3 Y 23 EFICAZ JUEVES 6 DE FEBRERO DE 2020 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 PM. (APROXIMADAMENTE) Debido a la construcción en West Lane, la parada de autobús RTD en West Lane y Hammer Lane (en dirección norte) no estará disponible. Suba y descienda en la ubicación del mapa. [...]

Rider Alert – February 05, 20202020-04-09T22:57:57-07:00
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