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Applications & Forms

RTD | Mobility administers grant-funded programs designed to connect senior citizens, low-income residents, and persons with disabilities, with the full range of RTD services.

Relevant documents and forms:

Link ADA Qualification, Certification, and Appeals

Link Discount Fare Card Qualification, Certification, and Appeals

For more information call 209.943.1111, and for reservations & deviations call 209.955.8400







Rural Connection -

A Pilot Project Provided by RTD and Grant Funded for Trips to Work, School and Other Essential Destinations.

The Rural Connection is a deviated-fixed route, similar to RTD’s Hopper service, that can deviate up to one mile for ADA-certified passengers. This is a pilot project provided by RTD and grant funded for trips to work, school, and other essential destinations.

Click to open PDF Rural Connection Mountain House: TIMETABLE

How To Ride:

Arrive at your stop 5 minutes in advance and have your fare ready.

Fares for the Rural Connection are the same as RTD’s regular services: Adult 1-Ride $1.50, Discount 1-Ride $0.75

ADA Deviation Procedures:
DEVIATIONS: Rural Connection will deviate up to one mile to pick up and drop off ADA-certified passengers. Deviations are $1.00 per deviation.
RESERVATIONS: Reservations are only needed for deviations and can be made 1 to 2 days in advance. Reservations can be booked seven days a week, from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. To make a reservation, call: (209) 955-8400.







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