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Metro Hopper Route 1

Route 1
Northwest Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 2
Route 2
Northwest Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 3
Route 3
North Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 4
Route 4
Central Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 5
Route 5
Central Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 6
Route 6
Northeast Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 7
Route 7
South Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 6
Route 8
Northeast Stockton
  Metro Hopper System Map - Click to Enlarge

Metro Hopper
System Map

RTD's Metro Hopper

Wherever you're going, we go there too.
The Metro Hopper is a deviated fixed route bus service serving popular destinations throughout the Stockton city limits. The Metro Hopper has seven routes, and operates Monday-Friday, 7:45A to 6:30P, and buses run every 2 hours. Each bus can deviate from its normal route a distance of up to 1 mile in order to accomodate ADA certified passengers.Within these one-mile deviation windows, the service covers approximately 75% of the Stockton Metro Area for ADA-certified customers.

Metro Hopper Procedures & Reservations.

For more information call 209.943.1111, and for reservations & deviations call 209.955.8400. You may also visit the Downtown Transit Center (DTC) at 421 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, CA 95202.

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Route 90
Tracy - Stockton
Route 91
Stockton - Manteca - Ripon
Route 93
Stockton - Lodi
Route 97
Tracy - Lathrop - Stockton

RTD's County Hopper

The RTD County Hopper is a deviated fixed route bus service connecting Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, and Lathrop. The Hopper replaces RTD Countywide General Public Dial-A-Ride (DAR), Rural Elderly & Disabled DAR, and County Area Transit (CAT) Fixed Route services during Hopper service hours, in the areas covered by the Hopper service.

Most* RTD Hopper routes will deviate up to 3/4 of a mile for ADA-certified Elderly & Disabled passengers not able to reach the fixed route stops (for certification information, please call 209-982-4514, option 3). Reservations are required 1-2 days in advance for all Hopper deviations. Hoppers will deviate up to three times per trip, not to exceed two deviations per person.

Lodi Grapeline/Dial-A-Ride
Connect to the Grapeline or Dial-A-Ride in Lodi. For Grapeline or Dial-A-Ride information, call (209) 333-6806.

Tracy Tracer
Connect to Tracer in Tracy. For Tracer information, call (209) 831-4BUS.

Additional transit services are provided in Ripon, Escalon, and Manteca by other transit operators. Please contact those operators for additional information.

eTrans Escalon
Connect to eTrans in Escalon.
For information, call (209) 541-6645.

Ripon Transit Service
Connect to Ripon Transit Service in Ripon.
For information, call (209) 599-2108.

Manteca Transit
For Manteca Transit Information, call (209) 239-9236.

* RTD will continue to operate transit service between Lodi, Thornton, Woodbridge, and Arbor Mobile Home Park via its General Public Dial-A-Ride (GP DAR).  For more information on GP DAR click here , or call (209) 946-0520.
* Hoppers do not deviate in Lodi and Tracy; instead, use Grapeline or Tracer services.

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