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ROUTE 51 Weekday
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
SJ County Hospital
Carolyn Weston - Manthey
Clayton - O'Dell
San Joaquin - Clay
Amtrak Station
DTC Arrive Lane D
DTC Depart Lane D
California - Walnut
Essex - El Dorado
Mall Transfer Station (MTS)
6:05A ----- 6:10A 6:20A 6:22A 6:25A 6:30A 6:40A 6:50A 6:56A
7:00A ----- 7:06A 7:16A 7:18A 7:21A 7:25A 7:35A 7:45A 7:51A
7:35A ----- 7:41A 7:51A 7:53A 7:56A 8:15A 8:25A 8:35A 8:41A
8:45A ----- 8:51A 9:01A 9:03A 9:06A 9:25A 9:35A 9:45A 9:51A
9:50A ----- 9:56A 10:06A 10:08A 10:11A 10:20A 10:30A 10:40A 10:46A
10:50A ----- 10:56A 11:06A 11:08A 11:11A 11:20A 11:30A 11:40A 11:46A
11:50A ----- 11:56A 12:06P 12:08P 12:11P 12:20P 12:30P 12:40P 12:46P
12:50P ----- 12:56P 1:06P 1:08P 1:11P 1:20P 1:30P 1:40P 1:46P
1:50P ----- 1:56P 2:06P 2:08P 2:11P 2:20P 2:30P 2:40P 2:46P
2:50P ----- 2:56P 3:06P 3:08P 3:11P 3:25P 3:35P 3:45P 3:51P
3:55P ----- 4:01P 4:11P 4:13P 4:16P 4:30P 4:40P 4:50P 4:56P
5:10P ----- 5:16P 5:26P 5:28P 5:31P 5:35P 5:45P 5:55P 6:01P
6:20P ----- 6:26P 6:36P 6:38P 6:41P 6:45P 6:54P 7:04P 7:10P
7:05P ----- 7:11P 7:21P 7:23P 7:26P ----- ----- ----- -----
8:15P 8:21P ----- ----- ----- 8:29P ----- ----- ----- -----

ROUTE 51 Weekday
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
Mall Transfer Station (MTS)
Essex - El Dorado
California - Walnut
DTC Arrive Lane B
DTC Depart Lane B
Amtrak Station
San Joaquin - MLK Blvd
Clayton - O'Dell
SJ County Honor Farm
County Hospital
6:00A 6:04A 6:13A 6:19A 6:22A 6:25A 6:28A 6:36A 6:46A 6:50A
6:50A 6:54A 7:03A 7:09A 7:11A 7:14A 7:17A 7:27A ---- 7:33A
7:55A 7:59A 8:09A 8:17A 8:22A 8:25A 8:28A 8:38A ---- 8:44A
8:55A 8:59A 9:09A 9:17A 9:22A 9:25A 9:28A 9:38A ---- 9:44A
9:55A 9:59A 10:09A 10:17A 10:22A 10:25A 10:28A 10:38A ---- 10:44A
10:55A 10:59A 11:09A 11:17A 11:22A 11:25A 11:28A 11:38A ---- 11:44A
11:55A 11:59A 12:09P 12:17P 12:22P 12:25P 12:28P 12:38P ---- 12:44P
12:55P 12:59P 1:09P 1:17P 1:22P 1:25P 1:28P 1:38P ---- 1:44P
1:55P 1:59P 2:09P 2:17P 2:22P 2:25P 2:28P 2:38P ---- 2:44P
2:55P 2:59P 3:09P 3:17P 3:22P 3:25P 3:28P 3:38P ---- 3:44P
4:00P 4:04P 4:14P 4:22P 4:32P 4:35P 4:38P 4:48P ----- 4:54P
5:10P 5:14P 5:24P 5:32P 5:47P 5:50P 5:53P 6:03P 6:13P 6:17P
6:10P 6:14P 6:24P 6:32P 6:42P 6:45P 6:48P 6:58P ----- 7:04P
7:15P 7:19P 7:29P 7:37P 7:42P 7:45P 7:48P 7:58P 8:08P 8:12P

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