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Hammer Triangle
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Route 44 - Metro Express
ROUTE 43 East Weekday
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
Mariners Hammer
Hammer Kelley
Hammer Meadow
Hammer Alexandria
HTS Arrive
HTS Depart
Hammer El Dorado
Hammer Kathleen
Hammer Lorraine
Hammer Holman South
Maranatha Christian Life way
Bryrant - Lott
Holman - Bryant
Hammer - Holman North
5:25A 5:26A 5:27A 5:28A 5:32A 5:35A 5:37A 5:41A 5:43A 5:44A 5:45A 5:46A 5:47A 5:48A
5:40A 5:41A 5:42A 5:43A 5:47A 5:52A 5:54A 5:58A 6:00A 6:01A 6:02A 6:03A 6:04A 6:07A
6:10A 6:11A 6:12A 6:13A 6:17A 6:27A 6:29A 6:33A 6:35A 6:36A 6:37A 6:38A 6:39A 6:42A
6:25A 6:26A 6:27A 6:28A 6:32A 6:42A 6:44A 6:48A 6:50A 6:51A 6:52A 6:53A 6:54A 6:57A
6:35A 6:36A 6:37A 6:38A 6:42A 6:55A 6:57A 7:01A 7:03A 7:04A 7:05A 7:06A 7:07A 7:10A
7:00A 7:01A 7:02A 7:03A 7:08A 7:15A 7:17A 7:21A 7:23A 7:24A 7:25A 7:26A 7:27A 7:30A
7:15A 7:16A 7:17A 7:18A 7:24A 7:29A 7:31A 7:35A 7:37A 7:38A 7:39A 7:40A 7:41A 7:44A
7:30A 7:31A 7:32A 7:33A 7:38A 7:44A 7:46A 7:49A 7:51A 7:52A 7:53A 7:54A 7:55A 7:58A
7:45A 7:46A 7:47A 7:48A 7:53A 7:57A 7:59A 8:03A 8:05A 8:06A 8:07A 8:08A 8:09A 8:12A
8:00A 8:01A 8:02A 8:03A 8:08A 8:12A 8:14A 8:18A 8:20A 8:21A 8:22A 8:23A 8:24A 8:27A
8:19A 8:20A 8:21A 8:22A 8:27A 8:29A 8:31A 8:35A 8:37A 8:38A 8:39A 8:40A 8:41A 8:44A
8:30A 8:31A 8:32A 8:33A 8:38A 8:42A 8:44A 8:48A 8:50A 8:51A 8:52A 8:53A 8:54A 8:57A
8:41A 8:42A 8:43A 8:44A 8:49A 8:56A 8:58A 9:02A 9:04A 9:05A 9:06A 9:07A 9:08A 9:11A
8:56A 8:57A 8:58A 8:59A 9:04A 9:11A 9:13A 9:17A 9:19A 9:20A 9:21A 9:22A 9:23A 9:26A
9:11A 9:12A 9:13A 9:14A 9:19A 9:26A 9:28A 9:32A 9:34A 9:35A 9:36A 9:37A 9:38A 9:41A
9:26A 9:27A 9:28A 9:29A 9:34A 9:41A 9:43A 9:47A 9:49A 9:50A 9:51A 9:52A 9:53A 9:56A
9:41A 9:42A 9:43A 9:44A 9:49A 9:56A 9:58A 10:02A 10:04A 10:05A 10:06A 10:07A 10:08A 10:11A
9:56A 9:57A 9:58A 9:59A 10:04A 10:11A 10:13A 10:17A 10:19A 10:20A 10:21A 10:22A 10:23A 10:26A
10:11A 10:12A 10:13A 10:14A 10:19A 10:26A 10:28A 10:32A 10:34A 10:35A 10:36A 10:37A 10:38A 10:41A
10:26A 10:27A 10:28A 10:29A 10:34A 10:41A 10:43A 10:47A 10:49A 10:50A 10:51A 10:52A 10:53A 10:56A
10:41A 10:42A 10:43A 10:44A 10:49A 10:56A 10:58A 11:02A 11:04A 11:05A 11:06A 11:07A 11:08A 11:11A
10:56A 10:57A 10:58A 10:59A 11:04A 11:11A 11:13A 11:17A 11:19A 11:20A 11:21A 11:22A 11:23A 11:26A
11:11A 11:12A 11:13A 11:14A 11:19A 11:26A 11:28A 11:32A 11:34A 11:35A 11:36A 11:37A 11:38A 11:41A
11:26A 11:27A 11:28A 11:29A 11:34A 11:41A 11:43A 11:47A 11:49A 11:50A 11:51A 11:52A 11:53A 11:56A
11:41A 11:42A 11:43A 11:44A 11:49A 11:56A 11:58A 12:02P 12:04P 12:05P 12:06P 12:07P 12:08P 12:11P
11:56A 11:57A 11:58A 11:59A 12:04P 12:11P 12:13P 12:17P 12:19P 12:20P 12:21P 12:22P 12:23P 12:26P
12:11P 12:12P 12:13P 12:14P 12:19P 12:26P 12:28P 12:32P 12:34P 12:35P 12:36P 12:37P 12:38P 12:41P
12:26P 12:27P 12:28P 12:29P 12:34P 12:41P 12:43P 12:47P 12:49P 12:50P 12:51P 12:52P 12:53P 12:56P
12:41P 12:42P 12:43P 12:44P 12:49P 12:56P 12:58P 1:02P 1:04P 1:05P 1:06P 1:07P 1:08P 1:11P
12:56P 12:57P 12:58P 12:59P 1:04P 1:11P 1:13P 1:17P 1:19P 1:20P 1:21P 1:22P 1:23P 1:26P
1:11P 1:12P 1:13P 1:14P 1:19P 1:26P 1:28P 1:32P 1:34P 1:35P 1:36P 1:37P 1:38P 1:41P
1:26P 1:27P 1:28P 1:29P 1:34P 1:41P 1:43P 1:47P 1:49P 1:50P 1:51P 1:52P 1:53P 1:56P
1:41P 1:42P 1:43P 1:44P 1:49P 1:56P 1:58P 2:02P 2:04P 2:05P 2:06P 2:07P 2:08P 2:11P
1:56P 1:57P 1:58P 1:59P 2:04P 2:11P 2:13P 2:17P 2:19P 2:20P 2:21P 2:22P 2:23P 2:26P
2:11P 2:12P 2:13P 2:14P 2:19P 2:26P 2:28P 2:32P 2:34P 2:35P 2:36P 2:37P 2:38P 2:41P
2:26P 2:27P 2:28P 2:29P 2:34P 2:41P 2:43P 2:47P 2:49P 2:50P 2:51P 2:52P 2:53P 2:56P
2:41P 2:42P 2:43P 2:44P 2:49P 2:56P 2:58P 3:02P 3:04P 3:05P 3:06P 3:07P 3:08P 3:11P
2:56P 2:57P 2:58P 2:59P 3:04P 3:11P 3:13P 3:17P 3:19P 3:20P 3:21P 3:22P 3:23P 3:26P
3:11P 3:12P 3:13P 3:14P 3:19P 3:26P 3:28P 3:32P 3:34P 3:35P 3:36P 3:37P 3:38P 3:41P
3:26P 3:27P 3:28P 3:29P 3:34P 3:41P 3:43P 3:47P 3:49P 3:50P 3:51P 3:52P 3:53P 3:56P
3:41P 3:42P 3:43P 3:44P 3:49P 3:56P 3:58P 4:02P 4:04P 4:05P 4:06P 4:07P 4:08P 4:11P
3:56P 3:57P 3:58P 3:59P 4:04P 4:11P 4:13P 4:17P 4:19P 4:20P 4:21P 4:22P 4:23P 4:26P
4:11P 4:12P 4:13P 4:14P 4:19P 4:26P 4:28P 4:32P 4:34P 4:35P 4:36P 4:37P 4:38P 4:41P
4:26P 4:27P 4:28P 4:29P 4:34P 4:41P 4:43P 4:47P 4:49P 4:50P 4:51P 4:52P 4:53P 4:56P
4:41P 4:42P 4:43P 4:44P 4:49P 4:56P 4:58P 5:02P 5:04P 5:05P 5:06P 5:07P 5:08P 5:11P*
4:56P 4:57P 4:58P 4:59P 5:04P 5:11P 5:13P 5:17P 5:19P 5:20P 5:21P 5:22P 5:23P 5:26P
5:11P 5:12P 5:13P 5:14P 5:19P 5:26P 5:28P 5:32P 5:34P 5:35P 5:36P 5:37P 5:38P 5:41P
5:26P 5:27P 5:28P 5:29P 5:34P 5:41P 5:43P 5:47P 5:49P 5:50P 5:51P 5:52P 5:53P 5:56P
6:11P 6:12P 6:13P 6:14P 6:19P 6:26P 6:28P 6:32P 6:34P 6:35P 6:36P 6:37P 6:38P 6:41P
6:41P 6:42P 6:43P 6:44P 6:49P 6:56P 6:58P 7:02P 7:04P 7:05P 7:06P 7:07P 7:08P 7:11P

ROUTE43 West Weekday
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
Hammer - Holman North
Hammer - West Lane
Hammer - El Dorado
HTS Arrive
HTS Depart
Hammer - Alexandria
Hammer - Don
Hammer - Kelley
Mariners Hammer
5:25A 5:27A 5:29A 5:31A 5:32A 5:33A 5:35A 5:36A 5:37A 5:39A
5:50A 5:52A 5:54A 5:56A 5:57A 6:03A 6:05A 6:06A 6:07A 6:09A
6:10A 6:12A 6:16A 6:18A 6:21A 6:24A 6:26A 6:28A 6:29A 6:31A
6:20A 6:22A 6:26A 6:28A 6:32A 6:42A 6:44A 6:48A 6:49A 6:51A
6:45A 6:47A 6:51A 6:53A 6:57A 7:04A 7:06A 7:10A 7:11A 7:13A
7:00A 7:03A 7:07A 7:09A 7:13A 7:19A 7:21A 7:25A 7:26A 7:28A
7:15A 7:18A 7:22A 7:24A 7:28A 7:34A 7:36A 7:40A 7:41A 7:43A
7:35A 7:38A 7:42A 7:44A 7:48A 7:59A 8:01A 8:05A 8:06A 8:08A*
7:45A 7:48A 7:52A 7:54A 7:58A 8:09A 8:11A 8:15A 8:16A 8:18A
8:00A 8:03A 8:07A 8:09A 8:13A 8:19A 8:21A 8:25A 8:26A 8:28A
8:13A 8:16A 8:20A 8:22A 8:26A 8:31A 8:33A 8:37A 8:38A 8:40A
8:28A 8:31A 8:35A 8:54A 8:41A 8:46A 8:48A 8:52A 8:53A 8:55A
8:45A 8:48A 8:52A 8:54A 8:58A 9:01A 9:03A 9:07A 9:08A 9:10A
8:58A 9:01A 9:05A 9:07A 9:11A 9:16A 9:18A 9:22A 9:23A 9:25A
9:13A 9:16A 9:20A 9:22A 9:26A 9:31A 9:33A 9:37A 9:38A 9:40A
9:28A 9:31A 9:35A 9:37A 9:41A 9:46A 9:48A 9:52A 9:53A 9:55A
9:43A 9:46A 9:50A 9:52A 9:56A 10:01A 10:03A 10:07A 10:08A 10:10A
9:58A 10:01A 10:05A 10:07A 10:11A 10:16A 10:18A 10:22A 10:23A 10:25A
10:13A 10:16A 10:20A 10:37A 10:26A 10:31A 10:33A 10:37A 10:38A 10:40A
10:28A 10:31A 10:35A 10:37A 10:41A 10:46A 10:48A 10:52A 10:53A 10:55A
10:43A 10:46A 10:50A 10:52A 10:56A 11:01A 11:03A 11:07A 11:08A 11:10A
10:58A 11:01A 11:05A 11:07A 11:11A 11:16A 11:18A 11:22A 11:23A 11:25A
11:13A 11:16A 11:20A 11:22A 11:26A 11:31A 11:33A 11:37A 11:38A 11:40A
11:28A 11:31A 11:35A 11:37A 11:41A 11:46A 11:48A 11:52A 11:53A 11:55A
11:43A 11:46A 11:50A 11:52P 11:56A 12:01P 12:03P 12:07P 12:08P 12:10P
11:58P 12:01P 12:05P 12:07P 12:11P 12:16P 12:18P 12:22P 12:23P 12:25P
12:13P 12:16P 12:20P 12:22P 12:26P 12:31P 12:33P 12:37P 12:38P 12:40P
12:28P 12:31P 12:35P 12:37P 12:41P 12:46P 12:48P 12:52P 12:53P 12:55P
12:43P 12:46P 12:50P 12:52P 12:56P 1:01P 1:03P 1:07P 1:08P 1:10P
12:58P 1:01P 1:05P 1:07P 1:11P 1:16P 1:18P 1:22P 1:23P 1:25P
1:13P 1:16P 1:20P 1:22P 1:26P 1:31P 1:33P 1:37P 1:38P 1:40P
1:28P 1:31P 1:35P 1:37P 1:41P 1:46P 1:48P 1:52P 1:53P 1:55P
1:43P 1:46P 1:50P 1:52P 1:56P 2:01P 2:03P 2:07P 2:08P 2:10P
1:58P 2:01P 2:05P 2:07P 2:11P 2:16P 2:18P 2:22P 2:23P 2:25P
2:13P 2:16P 2:20P 2:22P 2:26P 2:31P 2:33P 2:37P 2:38P 2:40P
2:28P 2:31P 2:35P 2:37P 2:41P 2:46P 2:48P 2:52P 2:53P 2:55P
2:43P 2:46P 2:50P 2:52P 2:56P 3:01P 3:03P 3:07P 3:08P 3:10P
2:58P 3:01P 3:05P 3:07P 3:11P 3:16P 3:18P 3:22P 3:23P 3:25P
3:13P 3:16P 3:20P 3:22P 3:26P 3:31P 3:33P 3:37P 3:38P 3:40P
3:28P 3:31P 3:35P 3:37P 3:41P 3:46P 3:48P 3:52P 3:53P 3:55P
3:43P 3:46P 3:50P 3:52P 3:56P 4:01P 4:03P 4:07P 4:08P 4:10P
3:58P 4:01P 4:05P 4:07P 4:11P 4:16P 4:18P 4:22P 4:23P 4:25P
4:13P 4:16P 4:20P 4:22P 4:26P 4:31P 4:33P 4:37P 4:38P 4:40P
4:28P 4:31P 4:35P 4:37P 4:41P 4:46P 4:48P 4:52P 4:53P 4:55P
4:43P 4:46P 4:50P 4:52P 4:56P 5:01P 5:03P 5:07P 5:08P 5:10P
4:58P 5:01P 5:05P 5:07P 5:11P 5:16P 5:18P 5:22P 5:23P 5:25P
5:28P 5:31P 5:35P 5:37P 5:41P 5:46P 5:48P 5:52P 5:53P 5:55P*
5:43P 5:46P 5:50P 5:52P 5:56P 6:01P 6:03P 6:07P 6:08P 6:10P
6:08P 6:11P 6:15P 6:17P 6:21P 6:26P 6:28P 6:32P 6:33P 6:35P
6:43P 6:46P 6:50P 6:52P 6:56P 7:01P 7:03P 7:07P 7:08P 7:10P*
7:13P 7:16P 7:20P 7:22P 7:26P 7:31P 7:33P 7:37P 7:38P 7:40P*

ROUTE43 East Weekend
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
Mariners Hammer
Hammer Kelley
Hammer Meadow
Hammer Alexandria
HTS Arrive
HTS Depart
Hammer El Dorado
Hammer Kathleen
Hammer Lorraine
Hammer Holman South
Maranatha Christian Life way
Bryrant - Lott
Holman - Bryant
Hammer - Holman North
8:12A 8:13A 8:14A 8:15A 8:20A 8:26A 8:28A 8:32A 8:35A 8:36A 8:37A 8:38A 8:39A 8:42A
8:42A 8:43A 8:44A 8:45A 8:50A 8:56A 8:58A 9:02A 9:05A 9:06A 9:07A 9:08A 9:09A 9:12A
9:12A 9:13A 9:14A 9:15A 9:20A 9:26A 9:28A 9:32A 9:35A 9:36A 9:37A 9:38A 9:39A 9:42A
9:42A 9:43A 9:44A 9:45A 9:50A 9:56A 9:58A 10:02A 10:05A 10:06A 10:07A 10:08A 10:09A 10:12A
10:12A 10:13A 10:14A 10:15A 10:20A 10:26A 10:28A 10:32A 10:35A 10:36A 10:37A 10:38A 10:39A 10:42A
10:42A 10:43A 10:44A 10:45A 10:50A 10:56A 10:58A 11:02A 11:05A 11:06A 11:07A 11:08A 11:09A 11:12A
11:16A 11:17A 11:18A 11:19A 11:24A 11:31A 11:33A 11:37A 11:40A 11:41A 11:42A 11:43A 11:44A 11:47A
11:46A 11:47A 11:48A 11:49A 11:54A 12:01P 12:03P 12:07P 12:10P 12:11P 12:12P 12:13P 12:14P 12:17P
12:16P 12:17P 12:18P 12:19P 12:24P 12:31P 12:33P 12:37P 12:40P 12:41P 12:42P 12:43P 12:44P 12:47P
12:46P 12:47P 12:48P 12:49P 12:54P 1:01P 1:03P 1:07P 1:10P 1:11P 1:12P 1:13P 1:14P 1:17P
1:16P 1:17P 1:18P 1:19P 1:24P 1:31P 1:33P 1:37P 1:40P 1:41P 1:42P 1:43P 1:44P 1:47P
1:46P 1:47P 1:48P 1:49P 1:54P 2:01P 2:03P 2:07P 2:10P 2:11P 2:12P 2:13P 2:14P 2:17P
2:16P 2:17P 2:18P 2:19P 2:24P 2:31P 2:33P 2:37P 2:40P 2:41P 2:42P 2:43P 2:44P 2:47P
2:46P 2:47P 2:48P 2:49P 2:54P 3:01P 3:03P 3:07P 3:10P 3:11P 3:12P 3:13P 3:14P 3:17P
3:16P 3:17P 3:18P 3:19P 3:24P 3:31P 3:33P 3:37P 3:40P 3:41P 3:42P 3:43P 3:44P 3:47P
3:46P 3:47P 3:48P 3:49P 3:54P 4:01P 4:03P 4:07P 4:10P 4:11P 4:12P 4:13P 4:14P 4:17P
4:16P 4:17P 4:18P 4:19P 4:24P 4:31P 4:33P 4:37P 4:40P 4:41P 4:42P 4:43P 4:44P 4:47P
4:46P 4:47P 4:48P 4:49P 4:54P 5:01P 5:03P 5:07P 5:10P 5:11P 5:12P 5:13P 5:14P 5:17P
5:16P 5:17P 5:18P 5:19P 5:24P 5:31P 5:33P 5:37P 5:40P 5:41P 5:42P 5:43P 5:44P 5:47P
5:46P 5:47P 5:48P 5:49P 5:54P 6:01P 6:03P 6:07P 6:10P 6:11P 6:12P 6:13P 6:14P 6:17P
6:21P 6:22P 6:23P 6:24P 6:29P 6:40P 6:42P 6:46P 6:49P 6:50P 6:51P 6:52P 6:53P 6:56P*

ROUTE43 West Weekend
System Map View Map Click for the Printable Version
Hammer - Holman North
Hammer - West Lane
Hammer - El Dorado
HTS Arrive
HTS Depart
Hammer - Alexandria
Hammer - Don
Hammer - Kelley
Mariners Hammer
8:15A 8:17A 8:20A 8:22A 8:27A 8:33A 8:35A 8:36A 8:37A 8:41A
8:45A 8:47A 8:50A 8:52A 8:57A 9:03A 9:05A 9:06A 9:07A 9:11A
9:15A 9:17A 9:20A 9:22A 9:27A 9:33A 9:35A 9:36A 9:37A 9:41A
9:45A 9:47A 9:50A 9:52A 9:57A 10:03A 10:05A 10:06A 10:07A 10:11A
10:15A 10:17A 10:20A 10:22A 10:27A 10:33A 10:35A 10:36A 10:37A 10:41A
10:45A 10:47A 10:50A 10:52A 10:57A 11:03A 11:05A 11:06A 11:07A 11:11A
11:15A 11:17A 11:20A 11:22A 11:27A 11:33A 11:35A 11:36A 11:37A 11:41A
11:49A 11:51A 11:54A 11:56A 12:01P 12:07P 12:09P 12:10P 12:11P 12:15P
12:19P 12:21P 12:24P 12:26P 12:31P 12:37P 12:39P 12:40P 12:41P 12:45P
12:49P 12:51P 12:54P 12:56P 1:01P 1:07P 1:09P 1:10P 1:11P 1:15P
1:19P 1:21P 1:24P 1:26P 1:31P 1:37P 1:39P 1:40P 1:41P 1:45P
1:49P 1:51P 1:54P 1:56P 2:01P 2:07P 2:09P 2:10P 2:11P 2:15P
2:19P 2:21P 2:24P 2:26P 2:31P 2:37P 2:39P 2:40P 2:41P 2:45P
2:49P 2:51P 2:54P 2:56P 3:01P 3:07P 3:09P 3:10P 3:11P 3:15P
3:19P 3:21P 3:24P 3:26P 3:31P 3:37P 3:39P 3:40P 3:41P 3:45P
3:49P 3:51P 3:54P 3:56P 4:01P 4:07P 4:09P 4:10P 4:11P 4:15P
4:19P 4:21P 4:24P 4:26P 4:31P 4:37P 4:39P 4:40P 4:41P 4:45P
4:49P 4:51P 4:54P 4:56P 5:01P 5:07P 5:09P 5:10P 5:11P 5:15P
5:19P 5:21P 5:24P 5:26P 5:31P 5:37P 5:39P 5:40P 5:41P 5:45P
5:49P 5:51P 5:54P 5:56P 6:01P 6:07P 6:09P 6:10P 6:11P 6:15P
6:19P 6:21P 6:24P 6:26P 6:31P 6:37P 6:39P 6:40P 6:41P 6:45P*

* Bus goes out of service at this point.

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