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Photo- RTD Commuter at Bart

Effective March 6, 2017

The RTD-BART Commuter offers regular, frequent service to BART.

Residents in Stockton can hop on the Commuter at the Downtown Transit Center and travel to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station with 9 departures from 4:10A to 7:10P every weekday.

This service has two feeder buses, one originating in Stockton, and one originating in Manteca. The two buses meet at the Tracy Transit Center, where the Manteca passengers transfer to the other bus. The combined bus then travels on to the Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station.

Monthly passes may be purchased in advance. Daily passes are $7 one way and may be purchased directly from the coach operator (exact change only). For more information email Sharlene Torres, Customer Engagement Analyst, or call 888-802-9675.



Round-Trip: $14.00
One Way: $7.00

Effective March 1, 2017

Origin / Destination Dublin Pleasanton BART
Stockton - Downtown Transit Center (DTC) $191.00
Stockton - Michigan Park-n-Ride $191.00
Manteca - WalMart Park-n-Ride $185.00
Lathrop - Save Mart Parking Lot $175.00
Tracy - Tracy Transit Station $158.00

Fares can be purchase by calling:
(888) 802-WORK (9675)

Please be prepared to show your pass when boarding the bus.

Park and Ride lots are free parking facilities for commuters to park their cars and connect with RTD's San Joaquin Commuter. RTD's Commuter buses depart for Sacramento and the Bay Area from several Park-n-Ride locations around San Joaquin County. Click HERE for more.

Bikes & Wheelchairs
Buses are equipped with 2 bicycle racks, 2 wheelchair seats, and a luggage compartment to accommodate your traveling needs.

ROUTE 150 Stockton to Dublin       Click for the Printable Version

Downtown Transit Center Stockton - Michigan Park & Ride Lathrop: Save martTracy Transit Station Arrive Tracy Transit Station Depart Dublin BART Station Arrive
4:10A 4:20A 4:40A 4:48A 5:00A 6:02A
5:10A 5:20A 5:40A 5:58A 6:00A 7:02A
7:20A ----- 7:40A 7:58A 8:00A 9:02A
8:55A ----- 9:15A 9:33A 9:35A 10:30A
10:55A ----- 11:15A 11:33A 11:35A 12:30P
2:50P ----- 3:10P 3:28P 3:30P 4:17P
3:50P ----- 4:10P 4:28P 4:30P 5:17P
4:50P ----- 5:10P 5:28P 5:30P 6:17P
7:10P ----- 7:25P 7:43P 7:45P 8:32P


Manteca Transit
Manteca - Main/HWY 12 -
Tracy Transit
4:25A 4:30A 4:58A
5:25A 5:30A 5:58A

ROUTE 150 Dublin to Stockton       Click for the Printable Version

Dublin BART Station Depart Tracy Transit Station Arrive Tracy Transit Station Depart Lathrop: Save Mart Stockton - Michigan Park & Ride Downtown Transit Center
6:20A 7:10A 7:11A 7:26A ----- 7:46A
7:20A 8:10A 8:11A 8:26 ----- 8:46A
9:20A 10:10A 10:11A 10:26A ----- 10:46A
10:35A 11:25A 11:26A 11:46A ----- 12:06P
12:35P 1:25P 1:26P 1:46P ----- 2:06P
4:30P 5:17P 5:20P 5:40P 5:55P 6:10P
5:30P 6:17P 6:20P 6:40P 6:55P 7:10P
6:30P 7:17P 7:20P 7:40P 7:55P 8:10P
8:45P 9:32P 9:33P 9:53P 10:08P 10:20P


Tracy Transit
Manteca - Main/HWY 12 -
Manteca Transit
5:20P 5:43P 5:48P
6:20P 6:43P 6:48P
7:20P 7:43P 7:48P

This publication was prepared by San Joaquin RTD. BART routes and schedules are subject to change without notice. BART cannot assume any responsibility for any inaccuracies in this publication or changes to the route structure that affects the San Joaquin RTD services that are promoted in this publication.

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