Metro Hopper Route 1
Route 1
Northwest Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 2
Route 2
Northwest Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 3
Route 3
North Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 4
Route 4
Central Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 5
Route 5
Central Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 6
Route 6
Northeast Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 7
Route 7
South Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 8
Route 8
Northeast Stockton
Metro Hopper Route 9
Route 9
Southeast Stockton
Metro Hopper System Map - Click to Enlarge

Metro Hopper
System Map

RTD's Metro Hopper

Wherever you’re going, we go there too.
The Metro Hopper is a deviated fixed-route bus service serving popular destinations throughout the Stockton city limits. The Metro Hopper has 9 routes and operates Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., and buses run approximately every hour. Each bus can deviate from its normal route a distance of up to 1 mile in order to accommodate ADA certified passengers. Within these one-mile deviation windows, the service covers approximately 75% of the Stockton Metro Area for ADA-certified customers.

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Route 90
Tracy – Stockton
Route 91
Stockton – Manteca – Ripon
Route 93
Stockton – Lodi
Route 97
Tracy – Lathrop – Stockton
RTD's County Hopper

The RTD County Hopper is a deviated fixed-route service connecting Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Manteca, Ripon, and Lathrop.  RTD County Hopper routes will deviate up to 1 mile for ADA-certified passengers not able to reach the fixed-route stops (for certification information, please call (209) 943-1111 and follow the prompt for Access San Joaquin then Dial-A-Ride certification).  Reservations are required 1 – 2 days in advance for all Hopper deviations.  Hoppers will deviate up to 2 times per trip.

Hopper Procedures & Reservations.

For more information call (209) 943-1111.

For a Hopper deviation call (209) 955-8420.

Or visit the Downtown Transit Center (DTC)
421 East Weber Avenue, Stockton, CA 95202.

* Hoppers do not deviate in Lodi and Tracy.  Use Grapeline or Tracer services instead.

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