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 RIDER ALERT    Route 63: Bus Stop at Cummberland/Ben Holt Will Not Be Served Due to Construction    RIDER ALERT    Route 76: Select Bus Stops Will Not Be Served Due to Road Repairs    RIDER ALERT    Route 61: Bus Stop at Harding/Monroe Will Not Be Served Due to Construction.    RIDER ALERT    Route 76: Due to Construction, Select Bus Stops Will Not Be Served Until Further Notice.    RIDER ALERT    Route 310, 340, 360, 380, and 390 will be suspended due to summer vacation starting June 5th to August 7th.    RIDER ALERT    Metro Hopper 5, Route 51, 52, & 720: Due to construction, California/Walnut (southbound) stop temporarily unavailable starting April 14, 2017.  



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Why is my boarding stop not listed on the schedule?
Schedules list only major stops on a route. There may be many other stops along the way. If your stop is between locations listed on the schedule, you'll need to estimate the arrival time of the bus or call 1.800.HOW.TO.RIDE (469.8674) for specific times. Plan to arrive at least five minutes early

How do I take my bike on the bus?
RTD passengers have a convenient way to get around town and help the environment at the same time. You can load your bike on easy-to-use bike racks on RTD Metro and Intercity buses, and in the cargo area under Interregional buses. This form of multi-modal transportation makes it easier for you to get to your bus stop and your final destination. For more about RTD's bus bike racks, click here.

How do I use the fare vending machines?
Some routes require passengers to pre-pay their fare before boarding the bus. Doing this allows the buses to stay on schedule and greatly speeds up travel times. To find out how to use the fare vending machines to purchase your fare or multiple-use passes click here.

What does DTC mean?
DTC stands for RTD's Downtown Transit Center. Many routes stop at the DTC and it is a common transfer point. For more about the DTC, click here.



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