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The San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) offers General Public Dial-A-Ride (GP DAR) in the rural areas of San Joaquin County.

This service is open to the general public with no application necessary for use. Reservations are required 1-7 days in advance and are scheduled on a limited first-come, first served basis.

GP DAR is a curb-to-curb service in areas not currently being served by RTD or other local transportation providers. Passengers are otherwise required to use other public transportation options when available in their area.


Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday    5:00A - 5:30P
Weekend/Holiday  7:15A - 5:00P

Fares Structure
$3.00 one-way | Click Here to Purchase Online

Reservations for General Public Dial-A-Ride must be made 1-7 days in advance. To schedule a ride, please call (209) 955-8400.

Arrival & Departure 
RTD provides curb to curb service. Each passenger is given five minutes to board the bus once the driver arrives. Due to the special requirements of the service, passengers may be picked up as much as 20 minutes before or after their scheduled times.

A Dial-A-Ride passenger who qualifies for an attendant may be escorted by one. When making your reservation, please notify the reservationist if you will be accompanied by an attendant. Attendants ride free. You may, subject to seating availability, schedule a companion to ride with you. Companions must pay the regular fare.

Cancellations may be made any day prior to your scheduled ride by calling (209) 955-8400. Same day cancellations require at least a two hour notice. Cancellations with less than a two hour notice are considered No-Shows.

Passengers who fail to board the bus within five minutes of the bus arrival are considered No-Shows. Passengers with excessive No-Shows may be temporarily suspended from service.

Dial-A-Ride Guidelines 
For your safety, and to comply with all applicable laws, all passengers must allow restraining devices to be used to secure wheelchairs at all times. Drivers will assist wheelchair passengers as needed. Passengers may carry packages on board; however, the number is limited to the amount that passengers or attendants can carry in their hands or on their mobility devices.

For more information call (209) 943-1111, and for reservations & deviations call (209) 955-8400.




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